These CROOKS Stole my Money

Payoneer offers US$ reloadable debit cards ONLY to NON-US RESIDENT suckers like me as we are helpless to fight back and claim our rights from outside the United States of America.

I was actually a happy customer for some years until they suddenly froze my account and confiscated my money without prior warning or valid explanation. This happened in June 2019 and I am still without my money and all my efforts have been of no avail. They just REFUSE to return my hard earned cash.

Contact me to offer any pro bono legal assistance if you would also like to see these criminals pay with at least some more negative exposure and loss of face  HERE

CASE REF 190611-010237
JUNE 2019

US$1.083,53 stolen

Message to Payoneer

I know that you just don't care, but I am an 80 year old retired person and I could do with having my much needed $1.083,53 hard earned cash back that you "confiscated" from me for no valid reason in June 2019 (now a few years). To make things easy on you please deposit into my trusted Paypal account,53 or Zelle to my daughter Nicole Weller.