We use Paypal to Deliver Money in Venezuela

No Paypal fee included

Includes Paypal fee

Includes Paypal fee

Includes Paypal fee

Includes Paypal fee
Paypal Fees for Venezuela are 5,4% + 0.30
You can use your credit/debit cards




Important information for our Condo Owners


It was thanks to VACATION RENTALS under our expert management that good incomes were generated for us to use local currency to pay all basic services and even remodeling whole apartments without asking for money from owners. Those owners who previously contracted remodeling were lucky as today this has become a nearly impossible task and we are totally dependent on hard currency sent to us by owners to pay your mandatory condo fees and power bills for which we only charge a minimum token fee of US$ 1.00 per payment which we discount from local currency accounts sheets that owners can view 24/7 using the Dropbox links sent by us


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