Payoneer Scam


Payoneer located in New York city is owned by British financial conglomerate Wirecard and offers reloadable Mastercard debit cards ONLY to non US residents as a way of obtaining a sort of "US bank account" whereby funds can only be loaded by payments from US corporations


The only reason that I opened an account with Payoneer is because my Venezuelan credit cards are useless due to the currency controls imposed by the regime since 2005 and therefore the use of perfectly legal alternative payment platforms like Payoneer and others are a necessary option to use internationally for online purchases, travel and so on


Payoneer worked quite nicely and I was very happy with the service for several years until my card suddenly stopped working without prior warning, so when I contacted Payoneer they told me that my account had been frozen and funds seized due to "violations of terms and conditions" and with no explanation or details offered by their "Customer Help" department (more like CUSTOMER SCAM dept) except some sort of obscure hint of money laundering as if I, a 77 year old retired British consul on the island of Margarita, were to even consider this option when all I ever needed was a simple debit card for normal international use on Amazon, domain registration, travel and other expenses


As I say, they have found a way of preying on foreign residents like me to steal their money and easily get away with it


I wonder how much money they collect yearly by using this neat scheme to scam their victims?


Respectable companies close accounts and return money if they do not want your business anymore but Payoneer are NOT a respectable company but organised crime outfit that opt to STEAL money from their defenseless non US resident "customers" who have little or no chance of getting their money back for the same non US resident status they are under


I shall continue to denounce Payoneer everywhere for what they are until such a time that they return my US$1.083,53