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Get an Online Bolivar Account in Venezuela


Your Bolivar account in Venezuela


Transfers to any bank account in Venezuela with just your name email date of birth and a couple of telephone numbers and your PASSPORT as your account number 


Sending Payments to any TuPagoOnline users are immediate and FREE and receiver pays a moderate fee of 2% (less than half Paypal rate)


Loading funds to your TuPagoOnline account is by payments received from other users, or by bank transfer to TuPagoOnline account at Venezolano de Credito bank for further credit to your local account number. If you have no way of doing this you may send us money via Paypal and we will gladly do this for US$ 5.00 or 5% 


Notifications and confirmations are by email


Condo Fees (co-owners mandatory building expenses and maintenance by law) can be paid directly by owners from their available TuPagoOnline funds to any bank accounts in Venezuela


Paypal fee to RECEIVE money in Venezuela is 5.4% plus US$0,30


We charge US$ 5.00 or 5% processing fee

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