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Via Paypal using your
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From within Canada/USA send your payments via ACH/Zelle to TD Bank
From within Panama send your payments via ACH to Banistmo ask 
We also offer our Paysera account 6576755


Get an Online Bolivar Account in Venezuela


Your Bolivar account in Venezuela


If you need to make payments in Venezuela open your account here in Spanish with just your name, email, date of birth, couple of telephone numbers, and your PASSPORT as your account number then you can transfer money for FREE without restrictions to any bank account in Venezuela for which you get your confirmation/receipt by email and receiver will get your payment less 2% fee so if you need to send an exact amount just add the 2% to the amount. Example: to send Bs 1000 you must pay Bs 1020,41 to cover receiver's fee (1000÷0.98=Bs 1.020,41)


We can gladly add funds to your account for you if you send money to our Paypal account adding your reasonable generous donation to help us feed abandoned animals in our neighborhoods 


We also accept international payments to our EUR account Paysera 6576755