The employment I most enjoyed was All America Cables and Radio Inc in Venezuela where I was a bilingual English-Spanish telephone operator Monday thru Saturday from 5pm - midnight (alone from 7pm+) and enjoyed taking and transcribing cables on a good old fashioned noisy typewriter from my favorite customers (mainly commercial orders and stock exchange deals). As I worked nights I enjoyed visiting my favorite customers during my unpaid free daytime hours and this was very rewarding as they were all thrilled to meet in person. They were then able to put a face to their nightly phonecalls. Those were the days when no computers cellular phones and social media ever existed and teletypes were the most modern telecommunications of the day!

Other employments were BOAC (now British Airways), Aguila Films, British Embassy Commercial Department promoting British exports for 8 years, Hotel Macuto Sheraton from inauguration day in 1963 for a year or so.

In February 1974 we all decided to leave Caracas and embark on the adventure of going to Margarita island to set up in business as self employed manufacturers' agents for a few years, then general manager for a couple of years at Weitzmann Trading Co de Margarita, SA (now extinct) then left to continue as self employed commission agent, later opened a wholesale distributorship Weller Industrial SRL and worked for 20 years as a wholesale hardware importer-distributor. We did well in real estate for a few years, also a successful vacation rentals rentals service together with property management until retirement. Now at 80 years of age I am a little bored but remain reasonably sane by working on my website every day in order to arrive at the grade of perfection I never seem to get!